Menstruation and Sport

It’s time to end the taboo of talking about menstruation as a key factor in training for female athletes. My dear friend Paluna Santamaria asked me to write a post about a female athlete that I admire. I choose Kiran Gandhi as subject. 

“In the middle of a long workday, I open Facebook and see the shiny, beautiful face of Kiran Gandhi, musician and kick ass lady. She’s mid-marathon, beaming, and….. what’s that? Does she have…oh my god…. SHE HAS A GIANT SPOT OF RED BLOOD SEEPING FROM HER CROTCH! I exclaim with joy, fist punching into the air and shout,“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA! MENSTRUATION AND SPORT!” I sing,  “Let’s talk about blood, Baby! Let’s talk about you and mensies!”. I immediately forward the post to multiple of my girlfriends with the subject line “Look!””

Read the full post up on POWER AND GRACE here.

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