International Dance Day: A Reflection

12484860_10153713299095202_1645011305656197354_oAs I sit here on this April 29th 2016, ready to head to into rehearsal for a piece that I love, am passionate about, work that I’m excited to dive into and that material that scares me half to death-  I can’t help but reflect on my life and career as a dancer. I’m reminded of a quote that has always stayed with me, something that was said in passing while in my first year at LADMMI:

” At a certain point, having a career in dance comes down to not quitting.”

At the time, 18 year old me thought this was a very sad thing to say. Both because I didn’t want to entertain the idea of quitting and because I didn’t want to “make it” in dance just because I was the only one left standing.

But now- years have gone by.I’ve seen many things. I’ve seen dancers and choreographers come and go. I’ve fought my fair share of battles. Some I’ve won, some I’ve lost. I’ve struggled with  finding the drive to continue. I’ve seen dancers with far better technique and potential than me get lost in the shuffle and quit. I’ve seen dancers switch careers due to injuries. My body is getting older and is slower to recover. I have to eat better and rest more than when I was younger. It’s insanely enriching and satisfying and it’s been hard.
And so- I can’t help but sit here and reflect. I sit here on this International Dance Day, privileged enough to be heading into rehearsal and wise enough to sit in the full reality of that quote. At a certain point, it comes down to having the strength, power and courage to keep going. It’s not easy to have a career in dance, but it’s oh so worth it. ❤

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