IMissYou – Collaborators Are Everything

Real talk: Collaborators are everything. Also- It’s super trippy to be working on a piece about loneliness, when I’m probably the least lonely I’ve ever been.

A little history on the project in case you don’t know: IMissYou started as a short film, which I recorded and edited primarily by myself. At this point, I was newly heartbroken and working through some really personal feelings. It just seemed like something I needed to do on my own and a lot of really great things came out of this phase of creation. The original movement score, frame of the piece and even the photo thats been used in all promotion. However, to this day I have to list myself as the photo credit for the image of me in the red lipstick. Created, choreographed and preformed by Patricia Allison. Oh! And also- Photo Credit to Patricia Allison.hahah This is embarrassing in a couple ways. 1) Because it makes me look like I have no collaborators and 2) It makes me look like I have no friends. But that’s okay! I actually work alone very well. This work is only alive in the world because I spent months and months alone with it in a studio and showing it at “Works In Progress” nights such as Series 8:08 and Movement Market, and then going back into studio alone.

After this SUPER alone time in the initial Solo phase of the project, I had a fantastic opportunity  to go to Vancouver and work with 6 beautiful dancers as part of Mascall Dance Bloom. All of a sudden I got my first taste for collaborators within the IMissYou world and truly felt the weight and power that collaborators can bring to a work. There are not enough “Thank Yous” in the world for the 6 dancers that I worked with: Jess Ames, Jen Bolcsfoldi, Jenn Edwards, Marcelle Lemos, Erin Lequereux, Carolyn Schmidt. All of a sudden MY story of loneliness became about something more. It became about a universal theme. It was shared and it made the work better.

Now, here I sit in Toronto. A week away from showing IMissYou in Toronto and it’s better than ever. This is FULLY due to the brilliant collaborators that I’ve brought on board.Rob Kempson (Director), James Everett (Musician) and Joe Pagnan (Design). In a lot of ways, this piece is more about me than ever before. In a lot of ways, it’s more about me than when I was setting up a camera and watching playback alone for days on end. But the work is SO WELL supported and elevated in ways that I never knew were possible by my insanely brilliant team.  Strength in numbers. Strength in multiple voices.

In this round of creation and performance, I find myself surrounded  in so much love. I travel with love and share with love and create with love. The work has landed in the polar opposite of where it started. When I found myself in heartbreak, I now find myself in heart swells. Where I found myself in solitude, I now find myself in constant and great company. Where I was a one woman show, I’m now a multiple member party. I’m off to print a program with so many names to credit. It’s trippy. And awesome.

You should come see it.

Show Info Below:

June 3rd 7pm & 9pm
June 4th 7pm & 9pm
June 5th 7pm & 9pm

Produced by timeshare in association with LastName FirstName Productions
Created by Patricia Allison and Rob Kempson
Choreographer: Patricia Allison
Director: Rob Kempson
Composer: James Everett
Designer: Joe Pagnan

Location: Hub14 – 14 Markham St. (Follow the sandwich board)

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