Patricia Allison

Patricia is a Toronto based choreographer, performer and theatre creator. A graduate of ladmmi l’école danse contemporaine she approaches all of her work from a movement point of view but has focused a large majority of her work on narrative, story and specializes in working with non-dances. Patricia believes in building community and has worked on numerous local projects including the first Kaeja d’dance Porch View Dances in 2012 as assistant choreographer to Karen Kaeja. Most recently Patricia has preformed in iShow the winner of the Risk and Innovation award at Summerworks 2013 and Destroy She Said in Edmonton in January 2014.

Patricia is currently developing a creation practise that focuses on meditation and ritual for inspiration. Workshops will be offered in the near future.

If you’re looking for a choreographer or performer who is fantastic to work with, looking for somebody to build and develop community integrating individuals in theatre and dance or for someone who works with non-traditionally trained/ non-dance individuals and pull the best performance out of them- Patricia is the person you are looking for.




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