Gratitude: You make it possible.

To every co-worker and manager who understands the last minute shift changes and coverage. To every volunteer for a festival or show. To every bank manager and accountant who talks to me like I'm a human and doesn't just tell me to get a real job. To every Friend who has shown up to be … Continue reading Gratitude: You make it possible.

IMissYou – I Hope This Feeling Lasts

I hope this feeling lasts. I have a warm feeling in my chest and its growing. Since the closing of  IMissYou, I’ve received a wonderful inpouring of posts, texts, messages and emails that go beyond the regular “you did a thing! Congrats!". They speak of truth and honesty and conversations with loved ones, either sparked … Continue reading IMissYou – I Hope This Feeling Lasts

IMissYou – Showmares Are Real And So Is My Anxiety

Showmare (s. noun) A nightmare directly related to an upcoming show or performance in which one imagines every possible thing going wrong. I talk about my anxiety. A lot.  I write about my anxiety in blogs. A lot. I make jokes about it and speak of it objectively. Everyone knows I'm anxious.  I'm super open about … Continue reading IMissYou – Showmares Are Real And So Is My Anxiety